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LEOS Holdings established in 2019, is a pioneer specialized in value added products in diversified fields. We provide ultimate business solutions in Agricultural, Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Energy and IT sectors to our clients by novel technological approaches based on cultivation, innovation, and creativity. LEOS Holdings comprises with fully owned subsidiaries Golden Ceylon Food (Pvt) Ltd, Innova Agro Farma (Pvt) Ltd, Leos Care (Pvt) Ltd and Zedek Techno (Pvt) Ltd and has achieved continuous growth through endless challenges and innovations as World’s Leading Trading Company.

We ensure customer satisfactions and trust by extracting the best practices from our people, maintaining the integrity and ethics with standards while continuing to grow through fruitful investments.

In products we trust

We are being extremely careful to create our supplier portfolio. We only cooperate with the high reputable brands which we trust to make sure we bring the best quality for our clientele.


Through continuous innovations and everyday excellence, we will be the organization of choice for our customers, principals and staff.


Building our brand in global industry through our six core values; innovation, teamwork, integrity, ownership & commitment, customer delight, excellence & consistency in quality and thereby developing mutual sustainable growth for our customers, principals, staff and shareholders.

Our Core Values


Ownership And Commitment

We take ownership of what we do and remain committed to our promise.
Excellence And Consistency In Quality
We strike for excellence in all aspects of the business.



We realize that people are the key to our success, our customers, suppliers and personnel are our future, we believe in operating our business with absolute integrity, efficiency and service excellence. Quality is an integral part of the way we do business.


Customer Delight

We get customer respect and loyalty by consistently providing desired quality and value addition.



Challenge existing practices. Strive to find ways to continuously improve.



A commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other.

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