Zedek Techno (Pvt) Ltd.

Established in 2019, it has spread through a wide range of Technologies present. Today, Zedek Techno can provide services to customers throughout the full spectrum of the Renewable, Sustainable Energy and Information Technology markets.

We have ensured this by creating relationships and alliances with market leaders specializing in all areas from management to infrastructure deployment and technical rollouts. We, supply Solar Energy & related equipment and IT solutions needed by consumers, businesses across the Sri Lanka and South Asia.

Zedek Techno is broken down into the following business units:
* Supply Solar Energy and Services
* Research & Development about Renewable & Sustainable Energy
* Innovations
* Information Technology Solutions
* Consultancy

“It is no accident that we have become one of the most extensive full-service energy platforms”

  • zedek@leosholdings.com
  • +94 777 139 927

Sustainable Energy

Zedek vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Zedek develops, constructs, and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, and bioenergy plants, and provides energy products to its customers. Company headquarters based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and main operations are based on down south of the country.

Information Technology Solutions

Zedek also a well-established Graphic Designing & digital marketing company based in Colombo Sri Lanka. We integrate the creativity with modern technologies to increase your sales opportunities.