Lasia Shoots in Brine

Primery Packaging.

Pack in glass bottles according to customer requirements.

Pack in glass bottles (250g drain weight) or Pack in metal cans (250g drain weight)

Secondary packaging

Pack the glass bottles in corrugated boxes


Lasia (Kohila) is a member of the family Araceae, the plant scientifically named as Lasia spinosa. This is a marshy plant with a creeping spiny rhizome. The plant distributes in Sri Lanka, China ,India, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Guinea. The plant is cultivated in marshy areas, muddy streams and swampy grounds. The young (tender) leaves and rhizomes are used as a vegetable in the most parts of the world.

Leaves are alternate, long- and spiky-stalked having broad leaf blades that are arrow-shaped and 20-30 cm long when young. The leaves are divided into 4-8 pairs of lance-shaped lobes up to 4 cm wide when mature. The petiole is 30-40 cm long, veins beneath the petiole and peduncle prickly.

  1. The plant was used as a traditional medicine to treat many inflammatory diseases for centuries.
  2. It is also used against stomach ache, colics, rheumatism, and to treat sore throat.
  3. This plant is also recommended as effective for the treatment of sore throat, constipation, to purify the blood, on lung inflammation, bleeding cough, and uterine cancer.

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