Lemon Oil

Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, providing 64% of the Daily Value in a 100 g reference amount. Other essential nutrients are low in content.

Lemons contain numerous phytochemicals, including polyphenolsterpenes, and tannins. Lemon juice contains slightly more citric acid than lime juice (about 47 g/l), nearly twice the citric acid of grapefruit juice, and about five times the amount of citric acid found in orange juice.

Health benefits of Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is one of several essential oils that can kill harmful bacteria that can grow on your skin.

Other research has confirmed lemon essential oil’s effect against infection causing bacteria and may prevent skin inflammation.

Lemon essential oil is sometimes used in aromatherapy as a natural analgesic. The anti-stress and antidepressant effects of this oil may have something to do with how it helps our bodies interpret our pain without panicking.