White Coconut Oil

Volumes:- 350ml, 675ml,1000ml in Glass Bottles, Glass Jars and PET Bottles.

Europe           :- 200ml / 300ml / 320ml / 500ml / 100ml glass jars.

USA/ Canada :- 14oz /16oz /28oz glass jars.

185kg Steel Drum / 920kg IBC Kraft Tote with heat pad.


White Coconut oil extracted from best quality white coconut kernel and retains its natural qualities such as taste, flavor and nutrition. It is ideal for frying and cooking. It contains free fatty acid (FFA) percentage of less than 0.8%.

Health benefits of White Coconut oil
    1. May encourage fat burning
    2. May work as a quick source of energy
    3. May have antimicrobial effects
    4. May help reduce hunger
    5. May help reduce seizures
    6. May boost skin health
    7. May protect your hair
    8. May improve oral health
    9. May help reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
    10. A good antioxidant source

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